Animals Anonymous:

Mobile, fun and educational

We provide Aussie wildlife encounters; we can cater to your needs for any occasion, and we service the whole of South Australia!

Animals Anonymous is a mobile team of wildlife demonstrators and environmental educators. We offer presentations with a diverse range of friendly Australian native animals

We have been operating in South Australia for over 10 years with the vast majority of our work being repeat business and word-of-mouth. We conduct our presentations at schools, retirement villages, childcares, birthday parties and other venues all over the state, giving people a fun and hands on experience they will remember.

Our team of passionate presenters come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds but all share a passion for nature and the outdoors.

Here at AA we work with many Australian vertebrates such as geckos and legless lizards, dragons, goannas, pythons, turtles, crocodiles, owls, frogmouths, and parrots. We also keep and breed a number of marsupials, many of which are threatened in the wild, such as tiger quolls, long nosed potoroos, rufous bettongs, fat-tailed dunnarts, squirrel gliders, southern brown bandicoots, western pygmy possums and quokkas.


Our aim is to raise awareness about our Australian wildlife and the reason it is so important to conserve the local ecosystems and habitat around us.

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If you would like any more information about having the team from Animals Anonymous at your next event, please feel free to call or email us on:

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