Birthday Parties

Bring your next party to life with a fun and interactive show from our team at Animals Anonymous. You can have some of our beautiful Australian native animals in your own home. We bring a range of animals including a baby crocodile, big python, baby pythons, goanna, gecko, bearded dragon, bettong, squirrel glider, dunnarts, and a bird either a tawny frogmouth or a parrot.

Our birthday party shows are catered for all ages. We provide a very safe and hands-on experience for everyone. 

Be sure to have your camera batteries charged!

Wildlife for all occasions

Our interactive wildlife displays are available for all occasions. Whether it be your next corporate event, school fete, country fair, or Christmas function, we can help bring it alive with some beautiful Australian animals for people to touch and interactive with.

Each display will have very friendly Australian animals such as frogs, pythons, dragons, goannas, skinks, geckos, crocodiles, frogmouths, owls, parrots, squirrel gliders, long-nosed potoroos, rufous bettongs, tiger quolls, southern brown bandicoots, western pygmy possums, fat-tailed dunnarts and quokkas.